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Join our Ridgeway Elementary

end of the year

Video Montage

Click here: "Sing" by the Pentatonix 

Click here: Lyric Sheet "Sing"

Anyone at Ridgeway can participate but 5th Graders we really want all of your faces in this video!

Here is how to get in the video:

1.  Listen to the song. 

2. Learn the words and practice.

3. Use a pair of earbuds/headphones!

4. Video yourself singing

(Record yourself while you are listening to the recording attached above.

Don't forget to smile!) 

5. Check your recording

(Make sure we can only hear your voice.  We should not hear the original recording) 

6. Email your recording to Mrs. Hommez

Other ways to participate:

Send a video of yourself dancing to the song.

Send a picture of artwork you have created.

Send a picture of yourself smiling.

Send a picture of yourself with a positive message.

Maybe you can think of something else and email me!

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