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Second Grade Music!

Enjoy these patriotic songs celebrating the music of the United States.  You will find those songs below along with some of our other favorites.  Choose a song from each section to practice every time you visit!

Music Class
Music Class
Children Embracing in Circle
Songs We Sing

Songs from our show "Let's Sing America"

Girl Running with Flag
Get Up and Move!
Kids Running

All About Music

Abstract music art.jpg

Les Toreadors from Carmen

Rhythm Lesson

(You might notice he says "ti-ti" when we would say "du-day")

Unit #2 Activities

Songs We Sing
De Colores
Celebrate Earth Day - (you need 2 sticks)
What a Wonderful World
Doe a Deer
Get Up and Move!
Peanut Butter and Jelly
Grumpy March
(do this with a partner or on your own!)
The Sun Is In My Heart
Be Nice

All About Music

I want to See You Sing/Play/Dance

Create a recording here



Record with your own device and send it to my email:

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