First Grade Music!

We were working on a show at school and we will keep it up at home!  Choose a song from each section below to practice every time you visit!

Music Class
Music Class
Children Embracing in Circle
Songs We Sing

Songs from our show "Swamped"

Red Eye Frog
We're Swamped - Dance

We're Swamped - Words

The Swamp Stomp - Dance

The Swamp Stomp - Words

Just a Little Tadpole

You Can Fly

    (See if you can find a scarf and move        around your house the same way we did        at school.)

Frog in Your Throat - Dance

Frog in Your Throat - Words

Get Up and Move!
Kids Running

All About Music

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Unit #1 Activities

Songs We Sing
Get Up and Move!

All About Music